The Accounting for Business programme is a focused course aimed at training the entrepreneurs and accounts executives with the principles, processes and procedures of internationally accepted accounting and book keeping standards. The programme will enable the participants manage and maintain the accounting records of their businesses with ease, accuracy and as per accepted standards.

Programme Format

The programme will cover both the theoretical and practical aspects of business accounting spread out over a series of lectures, presentations, case studies and assignments. The action learning project will enable the participants to apply the principles and procedures of business accounting in their own businesses.

Programme Coverage

  • Foundation concepts and principles of business accounting
  • Financial accounting, management accounting, cost accounting and taxation
  • Accounting software application
  • Preparation of key financial statements
  • Auditing and reporting
  • Planning, control and decision making in business accounting
  • Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement Insights

The bottom-line success of a business enterprise rests on its financial performance. And in order to measure financial performance, a business needs to have proper accounting systems in place. This necessitates that the business owners and the accounts executives are well-acquainted with the standard and accepted principles and procedures of accounting and book keeping.